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Thanks for visiting my website. Join me on my journey through my art. Click on the individual images for a better view.

To buy cards, prints and originals, click on the button below and be taken to my shop. I am currently clearing old stock in preparation for a relaunch on 23rd April 2019, when a new wholesale site will also come on line. Have a look for some bargain prices.

This is me

Painting is many things for me. It is recreation, therapy and has recently become business.

My subjects are special to me. I have a strong passion for colour and shape. I seem to see things differently. I have an affinity for our natural world and like to create works with a strong spiritual message. We are all linked to the earth.

Most importantly, my work is my therapy. I have struggled for many years with depression and anxiety and found painting helped focus my mind and deal with the stress of my life. By allowing my style to run away with me, I found I was able to escape. All of my paintings start with an idea and then evolve organically.

I have found that my work speaks to many. I began selling reproductions of my work as cards and prints in 2011 at markets and small events. When I realised the appeal, I started to paint more and take risks with my work. This has paid dividends and I now have a broader range of popular work. I am humbled that I can share my work with people willing to pay for it.

Now I want my business to grow to the next level. It is now time to grow my business and try and broaden it's appeal more. Wholesale is the way forward and I will be launching this new venture on 23rd April. More details to follow.

Thanks for looking at my work. I appreciate it very much.