Mark Betson Artist at work

About Mark Betson Artist

Thanks for visiting this page. I'm hoping it's because you want to find out a bit more about me, although I've no idea why you'd want to do that because it's not all about me!

Mark Betson Artist is very much a family affair. Whilst I am the creative engine room, it is my wife, Tammy, who has put in the leg work selling my work. There are reasons for this and we hope to put that right in the not too distant future.

We have been selling my work since 2011, when we started dabbling at a weekly summer craft and farmers market on the quay in Bude, Cornwall. I had started painting in my current style to calm my whirlpool mind. I started with a few versions of the Tree of Life, inspired by Gustav Klimt. These, along with some dramatic seascapes proved to be quite popular, driving me forward to create more detailed paintings, including exploring popular wildlife in unexpected abstract decorative settings.

Since these early days, we have moved from Cornwall to Devon and continued to sell at local and not so local events, with our favourite time of the year being late July and early August, when we sell at Sidmouth Folk Festival where we have been since 2015. We also go to street events, music festivals and school fetes. We love selling directly to customers, with many a happy hour having been spent discussing art and the meaning of life! And in some spectacular places too.

I have developed a good working relationship with a shop in Glastonbury; White Rabbit Glastonbury and I have been fortunate enough to be with them from before they began in 2018. Keith found us at the Green Scythe Fair, near Langport and has been selling my work amongst the beautiful Glastonbury people since.

We started selling on line too, which has proven at times to be a bit of a mine field. Social media is not really my thing but sales often reflect when I have or have not put in the effort!

I continue to paint, sometimes not with the intensity I'd like but it feels so right and natural when I hit the sweet spot. 2023 will be another year of attending our favourite events (mainly Tammy, but I may pop up from time to time...) such as The Green Scythe Fair, Priddy Folk Festival, Sidmouth Folk Festival, Swanage Folk Festival and many more (you can see the full list on our dedicated events website here).

Anyway, thanks for looking. I'll try and keep this page updated and post more social media and newsletters, as we have some excitig developments planned!

Best wishes,

Mark and Tammy